Weather Weed

No Foundation, Toronto, Ontario, 2014

A golden medalist's assemblage of two and three dimensional works, Weather Weed. Recent explorations involving the wild, women, and their workings.

Situated in non-specific yet decidedly natural landscapes, women depicted experiencing the spectrum of life. Creation, destruction, play, curiosity, sorrow, exhilaration, death. Masters of their domain, but nowhere a utopian fantasy. Rather, a space in which to research the realms of physical experience, including but not limited to struggle, hard work, and failure. Casting a side an emphasis on perfection; achieving grace and beauty through challenging "tumble training."

Participants confronting personal work and yet capable of relationships. Feats of physical as well as emotional strength. Beyond parameters, in contrast but not always conflict, women exhibited with surprising flexibility. Wilful life force.

Character definition sourced from action rather than contemplation (talk is cheap!). Getting physical in an increasingly virtual world. Getting down with rituals and routines. Getting off on sweat and tears. Getting rid of prescribed behaviour. Getting a grip on femininity, something money can't buy.

A timely encouragement to let your hair down, with no fear.

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